Jonathan’s goal is to go beyond symptoms & assist clients to achieve & maintain a healthy body. Sessions are tailored to meet a clients individual needs. Every treatment includes assessment, focused body work, and recommendations for stretching, exercises, posture and lifestyle to facilitate progress toward a clients health goals.

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Boulder Massage office

Located at the Marine Street Wellness Center
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Address: 2825 Marine St
Boulder, Co 80303, Studio B

Endurance Coaching

Find out how Jonathan can help achieve your endurance goals!

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“Massages by Jonathan are well worth your time and money. I like deep tissue massages, trigger point focus, and upper body neck/shoulder release. Jonathan is excellent at this. Compared to other massage places, Jonathan’s price and skill level are better.
I have a history of tension and migraine headaches, and by getting massages by Jonathan regularly, my headaches are nearly gone. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Angela Mills

“Jonathan has helped me with several neck, back and leg issues associated with my cycling. With his extensive cycling and running experience he was able to pinpoint and resolve these muscle issues in short order. I am now a regular on
his table”

Scott Hearne

“I have been getting sports massage from Jonathan for around 6 months now and my experience has been fantastic. I have definitely felt the physical benefits of massage in my running and recovery. And Jonathan, having been a professional athlete himself, understands the daily beating my body takes through intense training. He is professional and knowledgeable. Jonathan just rocks, and I couldn’t do what I’m doing, or get where I want to go without him!”

Ellie Keyser

“Jonathan is an athlete himself and understands the needs of athletes when it comes to massage and making suggestions for at home therapies or stretching to better improve one’s health. He has helped me tremendously with my hip and glute pain I experience while cycling. I would highly recommend Jonathon as a massage therapist.”

Korey Kreitman, First City Cycling

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Why Jonathan Garcia Massage?

Jonathan has been an endurance athlete for over 20 years, including competing as a collegiate distance runner and professional cyclist with BMC Pro Cycling Team. He brings a wide variety of experience and knowledge to his practice and specializes in sports massage, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, chronic pain/injury rehab, and stress management.


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tel: (303) 921-1386

Boulder office

Located at the Marine Street Wellness Center
Click for Directions
2825 Marine St Boulder, Co 80303, Studio B

Sports Massage

Is geared toward athletes, active professionals, and weekend warriors to reduce muscle fatigue, increase flexibility, alleviate injury, and enhance the recovery process. A mixture of modalities and techniques are used during each session to achieve client goals with consideration for current stage of training.

Whether during race or recovery, sports massage is integral to maintaining muscular health and preventing or managing injury.


Deep Tissue

Perfect for the muscle that has been nagging

Injury / Rehab

Very customized and focuses on specific pain areas and potential structural imbalances


Swedish massage is relaxing and rejuvenating and promotes recovery from day to day workouts..

Neuromuscular Therapy

is an intensive form of bodywork that consists of focused, concentrated massage on one specific area of the body.